God is SO faithful

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God is SO faithful

Post by sarah on Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:19 pm

So I had made the really hard decision to withdraw from my college so that I could apply to Mercy Ministries. I was never really comfortable with that idea. I know without a doubt that applying to Mercy was the right thing to do, but the idea of leaving school just gave me a bad vibe. So I prayed and prayed that God would either provide a way for me to move back to my college town this fall or that He would give me peace about having to leave. Well I never felt like I really got an answer at all. Well I went to the town my college is in Wednesday to withdraw from classes and say my goodbyes when I was hit head on. Praise God just for the fact that I wasn't hurt, but because of that wreck I couldn't do anything that I had planned to do that day including withdraw from classes. I was really upset that the wreck had happened and that I didn't get a chance to withdraw from classes because I felt that once I actually got everything taken care of that I might feel some sort of peace. Anyways I got back home and I got a letter from my school in the mail today. Basically it said that they have started this thing where you can get insurance for your tuition so that if you have to leave in the middle of a semester for a medical reason you can get 75% of your tuition money back!! I know I would still lose a little money, but this is the answer to my prayers! I get to go to school and have my "normal" life while I'm applying for Mercy!! Praise God for being faithful when we believe, but especially when we think He just isn't going to answer. I know God has a plan for me and for that I am so thankful! Very Happy

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Re: God is SO faithful

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:16 pm


This is absolutely AMAZING!

I've never heard of a college doing this!

So, so, sooo exciting!


We always tend to doubt and wonder if things really are in His control... and He's like... hey, it is. Trust me!


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