Untitled (May Trigger)

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Untitled (May Trigger)

Post by Beauitful Disgrace on Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:13 am

Her wrist are black and blue
Welts hidden under them
She’s been snapping her rubber bands
But they aren’t really helping
She wants to feel the blade … period
She was doing alright until she felt her nail go across her leg
It was a reminder of the feeling that she has a love hate relation with
Its taking everything in her not to run to the bathroom
Grab the hidden blades
And do a little blood letting
She doesn’t want to hurt the people that are pulling for here
She cries at the fact she wants it more for them
Than herself at the moment
She feels weak
She feels …. There is the problem
She feels like a Sh*ty friend because
Everything they feel this way she tells them that they can beat this
But she herself is having a hard time following her own advice .

~~ He bled for You ~~
Beauitful Disgrace

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