God protected my area

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God protected my area

Post by cassandra on Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:34 pm

this past tuesday and wednesday, we were under almost constant tornado watches and/or warnings. the warnings were mostly at night, but we were under watches almost non-stop. my small town didn't get too much of the storm, a couple tornadoes touched down near me, and we knew it b/c the winds were so strong but as for us personally seeing tornadoes, it didn't happen. yesterday, i think i saw tornado clouds, but i can't swear by it in the afternoon. but then last night, i KNOW i saw a tornado cloud right behind my church..i know b/c one of the ladies who was helping us with the fall festival said that that was what a tornado looked like while forming and said it would touch down in the trees behind our church..well she was partially right--it was a tornado, just not completely right where it'd touch down..it touched down in the downtown part of the city our church was near(our church is basically on 2city lines)..we didn't lose power except for at work tuesday night, but it was only out for about 30seconds and then came back on. the lights were flickering after that some but that was it, unless it went out again after i left, but i'm only 10minutes from where i work, and we didn't lose power here. here at home, we have some pretty bad wind damage, but that's it..but please pray for those in claremont, nc--they got it bad..several students at school who live near there were saying that tuesday night it was literally one tornado after another after another..on my road i passed where trees were hit by lightning and where some trees were holding up other trees and small branches on the side of the road but that's the extent of it where i live. here are some pics of what God protected my community from.

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