Battle Unwon

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Battle Unwon

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:33 am

No one understands the urge
the feeling she has when she wants to purge
every bite is a battle begun
in the end no one has really won

she walks to her room with tears in her eyes
as she tries to vanquish all the lies
she's really beautiful because God said so
The only voice she hears is the one saying NO

She walks past the mirror; in her mind it breaks
she puts on the smile that she always fakes
a sweatshirt she wears to cover up her scars
she puts all the emotions she can into jars

she slowly implodes
as her world explodes
her fate and destiny are unknown
and she hopes ne day they are shown

she's given no choice
but to live without voice
and to look to God above
to show affection and love.


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