poem *possible trigger*

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poem *possible trigger*

Post by Krystal on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:20 pm

Give me something sharp
Give me something to deal with the pain
just please stop hurting me
I don't need this right now
they fight they argue
I want out
But there's no way to escape
If they don't stop I'll go crazy
they need help
not dad
not me
not her daughter
It's her
I hated her
Please just get me out of this madness
I WANT OUT!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!
Please just hurry
Get me out of here
give me something sharp
give me something to deal with the pain
I'm done I don't need this
They just gave me a stupid headache

This poem was written when i was in grade 9. It's dirercted towards my dad and his ex-girlfriend. He was with her for so long that I really thought go ahead get married then I will have a reason to hate him and not visit him. I hated his ex because she was a drunk and always started stuff.I am glad he is not with her any more but I see her one of her daughters at college all the time. Kinda of ironic that we are in the same program. To me the girlfriend and the daughters were like evil stepmom and stepsisters. also about this poem I don't feel that way anymore it's just something I had in my diary.
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Re: poem *possible trigger*

Post by puggirl101 on Sun May 15, 2011 4:54 pm

I really enjoyed reading your poem. Thank you for sharing it. Surprised

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