Heartless Treason

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Heartless Treason

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:42 am

I never meant for you to be hurt
from the lie which I built with dirt
The turmoil I heaped upon you inside
caused by every time I deceived and lied

It kills me to know the dreadful reason
behind my heartless schemes and treason
distressed friendships and damaged trust
chains of love have started to rust

Coming out with the truth was a difficult task
a charge of which only God would ask
Courage lodged in the midst of my throat
as I wrote the words to the truth-filled note

Terrifying scenes my mind did play
Tears raged inside for more than a day
Fearing loss of love and passion
the prevention of which the lie was fashioned

The desire for you to eventually understand
the cards I held within my hand
to keep you out with one grand lie
or let you in to see the beast cry


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