Wanted to share this.

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Wanted to share this.

Post by Krystal on Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:06 am

Hello everyone I know I haven't posted in awhile but I just saw this heartwrenching movie tonight on youtube and will like to post the link to the most heartwrenching part of the movie I saw. It was called Sharing the secret. A young girl Alison Lohman(aged 21 in movie) has an eating disorder. She pukes when she feels she eats to much her mother a child psychologist doesn't reconize the signs. Everyone around her notices. So they tell her if she doesn't tell her mother they will and that's where this part comes in she tells her mother and her mother gets mad. I can relate to the mother getting mad part. My last SI attempt in Nov. I came home pretty late and my mother wondered why. I told her well I nearly SI that morning and I had to talk to someone so I told my program coordinator then I went to see my counselor in the school's disability office and she made me call my OT who called the ambulance the next day that is why my mom got mad. I told everyone else but my mom first. So enjoy the clip and maybe even watch the movie. In all there are 10 parts I only posted part 7/10. Can anyone else relate to the part where she tells her mother?

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