Last String *trigger*

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Last String *trigger*

Post by Beauitful Disgrace on Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:53 pm

~Last String~

In a dresser there sets the last string of my addiction.
It’s not a razor
That's been gone awhile
To the outside world it simply looks like a box
But this box is anything but that
It’s a hiding place
It hides all the medical stuff I have bought through the years
To help hide my addiction.
I've got enough stuff to put Wal-Mart’s first aid kits to shame
I’ve got alcohol pads to clean before and after
I’ve got glaze to patch all wounds
And tape to make it stay
I’ve looked at this box for over a year now
Even adding a few things
All I want right now it to cut
But not my self
I want to cut the string that’s holding at box to me
I just don’t know how.

MLD 6-13-11

~~ He bled for You ~~
Beauitful Disgrace

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