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Post by cassandra on Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:01 am

ok, so tonight, actually about 2hours ago, i got into my very first car accident. i'm fine, and the car is fine, and no one else was involved. what happened then, you ask, that i call it a car accident? well, i was speeding, roughly 10miles over, i figure about 60-65 in a 55, and i lost control on a very sharp curve. i forgot how sharp it was. i was on my way home from work and going this fast has not been uncommon for me on my way home this late because i'm so tired, and so my goal is home to bed asap. well, not anymore. i slid all over the road, until i finally went off the road, and then God impressed upon me to use my E-brake. i was on a slight embankment, that couldve been worse except there was a lot of brush. i tried to back up, but couldn't. i was stuck, so i did the only thing i could think of--called my dad. i didn't want to get 911 involved simply because i was the only one involved and was fine, and so is my car. it has a few scratches on it, and the worst for me is my work pants got dirty, and my heart is still pounding. God could have easily let me gain control of the car, but He chose not to. He chose to let this happen to teach me a lesson. what's my consequence? well, what my mom's gonna say, i'm not sure. my dad is just choosing to let it drop, at least until he talks to her since its not going on the insurance. as for me, i have to go to a driving class that's 1saturday for 8hours, and then theres a very good chance the "charge" will get dropped. honestly, i couldn't have any better sherriffs or troopers show up. they were very friendly, and did the best they could. in fact, it was clear the trooper didn't want to ticket me but he said that because i live around here and am very familiar with the curve and was going at an unsafe speed, he's putting down that i was going at an unsafe speed and lost control on a sharp curve. God has gotten through LOUD AND CLEAR!! i have all the time in the world--no more speeding for me. all i can say is THANK YOU GOD FOR KEEPING ME SAFE AND FOR NO ONE ELSE BEING AROUND!
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